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The 7 Level Success Academy™ is our flagship product.

It represents the revolutionary personal development training program that market your personal experience, education, skills and passions as an entrepreneurial business through social media and Internet Marketing strategies.

This comprehensive training program reveals revolutionary digital and electronic methods for marketing and brand-building.

The “Patent-Pending” step-by-step process helps you develop a brand and personal skill-base of personal expertise and passions that may be marketed to others.

The “Program” details how you may build a product line, teach your passion and experience or relate your individual background that others may find enlightening and appropriate to their personal life.

It is a comprehensive step-by-step program for total social awareness and sequential launches of your product and or services. You get everything I have worked 20 years to develop and honed to perfection!

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You also get exclusive access to:

  • Interactive Q&A sessions,
  • Seminars,
  • Webinars,
  • Tele-seminars
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Finally, the 7Level Success Academy™ is more than a method, it is a program anyone can follow and adapt to their individual life.

It is a proven formula that I have applied consistently throughout my life.

A sought-after keynote and seminar speaker, Mark delivers impactful and informative presentations that motivate, empower and inspire his audiences.

His innovative ideas and steadfast business strategies have been tried, tested and proven.

Mark brings together his personal stories and experiences with real-world losses and successes to create a memorable, motivating event for everyone within the sound of his voice.


JumpStart your meeting or event with a dynamic opening presentation from a true master of motivation!


Empower your employees with a hands-on experience with attention to detail that gives everyone a sense of their contributions. Half-day, full-day or weekend event.

Teleseminars & Webinars:

Be part of the first-hand experience of Mark’s enthusiasm and delivery of key information right now!

Group Coaching:

Personal, private or collective training for the entire staff,Mark brings together the strength of your group for action and results!

One-on-One Personal Sessions:

Once you have experienced Mark’s presentations, you are motivated, inspired and empowered to action!

The SHIFT Program for Life-Changing Success!

S – Share Your Commitment! Always begin with a well laid out plan for success. Never proceed unless your plan includes and evaluation of goals and always share your commitment and your successes.

H – Help Others! Develop a deep sense of service to others as one key element of your plan for success. Your achievement is more valuable when combined with the success of others.

I – Include Yourself! Include yourself in the plan with growth and development as core and fundamental opportunities for change. Develop a legacy that represents who you are and what you will have represented to those who look to you for guidance and direction.

F – A Way! Success is a product of a no-fail attitude where quitting is never an option. Find a way through every obstacle no matter what. Your strength is the legacy that other people will follow even after you’re gone.

T – Take Action! The best evidence of action is effort given. The best laid plans are worthless without action to make them a reality. To take action is to take part. Be present in your success.

7Level Success Academy™

Personal development training program

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