About Mark ZupoEntrepreneur, Author and Founder of The Multiple Streams Mastery System.

Mark is an industry resource for training, coaching, mentoring and guidance for a life-long relationship in business and personal growth.

Mark's mission is to help you use your unique talents, experience, education and passions to change your world.

In addition to the

Multiple Streams Mastery System

, Mark is also the creator of the award-winning online show MakZupoTV.

Each week, Mark shares his passions for your success in strategies, actionable wisdom, expert-interviews, motivation, inspiration, and lighthearted fun "EDU-Tainment." Check here for Mark's weekly updates.

In order to achieve your goals and find success in your dreams, there are three foundation concepts that will drive a "Destiny-on-Demand". From these are expected and measurable results.

  1. Vision to see your desired future
  2. Intention to proceed with a plan
  3. Desire to take action.

I Believe in Your Success!

Earlier I described that I was 19 when I made the decision to become an entrepreneurial success no matter what.

What I didn't elude to was that made that commitment without a dime in my pocket, an apartment to live in, no food to eat and just the clothes on my back.

I had nothing, lived nowhere, had no-one and was homeless, poor, unemployed and alone.

The only connection I had to freedom was just that, If it wasn't free it wasn't for me!

First, I'm sharing this because it matters. It is absolutely important to the underlying reason for my success. I HAD NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

No matter where we come from, who we are related to or what we have today, the opportunity to be wealthy and find personal success has NEVER been better!

I dreamed it and I believed it and then I achieved it. If I can do it...then so can you!

If I can find success and independence then I firmly believe that you can, too. I found financial before I was thirty years old.

It is possible, It is real and it is within reach. I did it.

After all, I grew up at a garbage dump!

Mark Zupo Speaker

I don't claim to be the "Guru" of all or anything or anybody. I'm just a humble mentor sharing my 30-plus years of entrepreneurial experience, education and passions.

I don't claim to have the "secret sauce' or any other overnight wealth-generating riches program that delivers riches over night. Nope, don't believe in that and don't teach that. I expect that you shouldn't either.

I do claim that your personal development, freedom and independence is within reach with the right training and insight and effort.

I surround myself with the brightest, most dynamic and productive people in the world... 25-hours a day.

I study the most successful people in history and learn from them all of the lesson of their failures that I want not to replicate.

I LOVE what I do! This is a people business, an individual and personal business built from personal life-experience, personal passions, individual desires and my private dreams.

In my books there is no better experience of personal success for me than being a part of the success of others.

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“No-one ever gained more than they deserved
by believing they were entitled to it."
-Mark Zupo