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The Math of Success

Building Success begins with building friendships and developing relationships. The foundation for your success is rooted in mutual and single-mindedness of mission, intention and  devotion to helping other people achieve their success. The relationship between single effort and mutual effort is that success is driven by forces multiplied by the power of 2. In aviation,…
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Success Is All About Balance

Multiple Passions - Multiple Careers It's all about balancing passions that support your career(s) and remaining an individual with character and grace, no matter what you do for a living. Is it possible for one individual to divide his or her time between passions? In my opinion the answer is a resounding yes...and no! To…
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Your Attitude About Your Self-worth

Your attitude about your self-worth is directly related to your income, and your perceived self-worth will fluctuate in parallel as your income wavers or teeters in either direction. Additionally, what you learned in school has had the greatest effect on what you believe your self-worth to be. This has been a great disservice to every…
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Success Mindset Mastery Demands Hard Work!

Success Demands You Love Hard Work or Be Prepared to Quit! You’re about to read something you don’t want to hear. You’ve been chasing a dream that doesn’t exist – the lie that being an online entrepreneur means no hard work is involved – just sit around in your PJs and watch the cash come…
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