Dr. Mark Zupo

Dr. Mark Zupo


You've made it!

How would you feel to know that your income is almost guaranteed because you started a thriving online business right from your home office?

How would you feel if you didn’t have to drive to work for a demanding boss who determines your life when he or she decides how much they will pay you and when?

How would you feel to know that your personal online business can work almost on autopilot generating income on a regular monthly business?

How would it feel to know that what you produce once can pay you repeatedly…over and over again? 24/7 / 365?

How would you feel to know that your simple personal online business can generate a full-time income this year?

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Wouldn’t it feel great? Of course, it would! Then read on…

Hi. I’m Dr. Mark Zupo. I am an education and leadership expert and business consultant with more than 35-years of business and training under my belt. So, what does that mean to you?

Well, maybe not much. I’ll tell you why. It is a fancy title to show you that I put the time in and came out just as poor as I was before I started! Funny isn’t it?

I spent over a quarter-million dollar on education and have $130,000 in student loans to prove it. And…still had no income, no job and no credit.

Thank you, U.S. Educational System. It left me so angry I wrote a book about it!

Because I still failed at it all when I wasn’t protected as well as I though I was when the economy tanked in 2007-2008. Not very smart huh? Wait…there’s more. It gets worse.

I lost

  • My home

  • My cars

  • My business

  • My credit

  • My friends

  • My savings and…

  • My wife to Cancer


All in less-than about a year and a half

1.   What frustrates me the most about being poor?

2.   What did I feel like knowing when I was wealthy?

3.   Did I know much about Internet Marketing?

4.   Did I ever consider throwing in the towel?

5.   Did I have a hobby that I liked best of all?

6.   How many time did I ever pull my hair out trying to be successful?

7.   Did I ever consider myself an entrepreneur?

What would the difference be in your life to experience success too? What would the difference be in your life to start a full-time recurring-passive income business right from home?

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Let’s play a game called, “WHAT IF”

  • What if you had an online passive income business that generated steady monthly income?

  • What if you could balance your work and life to meet your needs and not someone else’s?

  • What if you could change your life today just the way you always dreamed it should be?

  • What if you could have a thriving business that paid you over and over for work done once?

  • What if there was someone who could teach you the “what, where’s and why’s” of that business?

Well, it is possible. I am proof of it. I did it!

I took a few posts, a few articles, a few ads, a webinar and a few hours to build an online business anyone would be proud of.

Then…I recorded all of it, put a training course online and then I duplicated it to use over and over.

So, can you!

Look, I’ve had my share of troubles just like everyone else. The difference in my success and yours might be that I sucked it up and moved forward ASAP!

I have been blessed with an understanding wife and four great kids. I have also been blessed to find a mentor who gives freely and expects action and results.

So okay, I now know what doesn’t work and I know what does work.

I have a website that is great at converting on the front end, the middle and the back end.

I have eager, loyal, dedicated subscribers and students from all around the world.

  1. What do I do with my newfound success.

  2. I do what’s right.

  3. I help other people with their success-building strategies. I help my family with their needs.

  4. I help my kids with the best education I can give them…oh yeah…it’s expensive too!

Now, I can help you too.

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You may have a “real” job like I did. You may like it and you may not. It may pay you well and it may not. You may have been an entrepreneur or worked for yourself and you may not have. No, it’s not easy.

Yes, it is sometimes lonely. No, there may not be huge recognition. There are no guarantees. Yes , there may be risks.

I can’t imagine what is going on in your life today or where you where 5 or 10 years ago. What I can do is help you discover your nice market, your idea of fun and success and your desire to be a success…whatever that means to you. More money, more time, more freedom, more independence, less pain, less aggravation, less fear…the possibilities are endless. BUT, it will never happen if you never ask for help.

I’ll show you:

  1. How to build a website that attracts customers. Step by step.

  2. How to build a dynamic social presence to attract loyal fans.

  3. How to build a celebrity brand that attracts eager followers.

  4. How to build products that deliver insights and understanding to your students.

  5. How to build an online course that pays you over and over.

  6. How to build an autopilot system that reduces your workload.

  7. How to build a strong relationship-building persona that is genuine and sincere.

  8. How to build a life you can be proud of.

 …and MORE!

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I’ll show you what I do, how I do it, when I do it, why I do it and why you should do it too!

Step by step.

If you want to change your life tomorrow, then do it today.  There is a design, a blueprint and action steps to get you there. They will get you there from anywhere you are right now. BUT again…you must ask for it.

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I’m not your Mother. I won’t get you up in the morning. I won’t ask you if you did your homework. I won’t dress you, feed you or say if you were good or bad.

I WILL teach you independence, freedom, insight, curiosity and self-development strategies.

I WILL teach you systemization and processes.

I will teach you product development and social engagement that brings you the success you’re looking for. Just like I did.

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This is a promise. Join me, stick with me and follow me. You’ll learn and grow and feel like you are a kid again, exploring all the wonders that life has to offer.

However, now, you are an adult and expect more from your efforts, right.

Then learn how you can make your education, training and energies work for you.

I’ll give you clear strategies, blueprints, actions and results to expect. Only you can do this and only you can determine your success.

Only you can make it happen.

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