How to start your own online business...


How to start your own online business...
How to start your own online business...

How to start your own online business...? Well, It wasn’t very long ago -- sitting here at this exact same desk -- that instead of feeling excited, passionate, and flooded with opportunity like I am nowadays...

...I felt stuck. Overwhelmed. Unsure of what to do next.


And I don’t say that just to sound dramatic or to win sympathy. There are plenty out there who had it far worse than I did, but that’s really how I felt.

Like there was something more for me, yet it remained always outside my reach.

It seems many successful entrepreneurs seem to experience something similar prior to their “big break”.

For me there was no shortage of ideas to pursue, but a shortage of clarity on knowing how to proceed in order to create an online business like I enjoy today.

“Clear as mud” I think the saying is.

So what changed everything for me?

Well two things:


Ultimately I realized that “imperfect action” beats “perfect inaction” any day. That waiting until I found the “perfect idea” was like searching for fool's gold.

                                              ...It was never going to happen.

Even in that somewhat frustrating space I was in, it dawned on me…

No idea was permanent if I didn’t want it to be. If it failed I could move on.

                       If it succeeded, I could continue molding it until it looks EXACTLY how I wanted it to look.

 It was completely in my control.

Once I saw this, the actions started to follow and things started to happen.

This led me to choosing my idea Multiple Streams Mastery and that I wanted to help people make their living online.

But then I had another problem…

How was I going to market, sell, and fulfill on my digital products?

Then like magic -- or just the byproduct of taking action -- I found the answer...


Kajabi’s known as the #1 Knowledge Commerce platform for digital entrepreneurs who want to teach others online.

And for good reason.

On my journey I’ve tried A LOT of different software, platforms, and solutions which deemed themselves as “easy to use”.

While many were good intentions, they definitely weren’t what I would've called “easy to use”.

But not Kajabi.

It’s truly the easiest software I’ve ever used. Not only that, but it does EVERYTHING you need to have a successful online business.

Here’s only a few of the things it can help you with:

  • Easy website builder with pre-designed templates...and free hosting!
  • Completely robust email marketing with all the expensive automation tools.
  • Ability to create and sell online courses, coaching, monthly memberships, and all types of digital products. Plus each one includes fill in the blank outlines!
  • Entire existing pipelines which take prospect to customer with every single page already built out for you.

Then there’s the webinars, quizzes, blogs, and much more!

So if you want to sell digital products online and have it all simply on one easy to use, reliable platform...I cannot recommend Kajabi enough.

Give it a test drive and see if it’s something that might help you.

See how it all works right here: Click Here to Learn More.

Action + Kajabi = My Success.

Maybe it can help you too!

Dr. Mark

How to start your own online business
How to start your own online business


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