This is the first of seven posts and seven lessons;

That was a terrifying moment for me just a few years ago when I sat in my car and realized that I had lost everything I had worked 30 years for! Gone, bankrupt, foreclosed, repossessed, forfeited, and forevermore GONE!

It was also a crucial moment for me as I was successful businessman, successful negotiator, practical financial investor and savvy entrepreneur. ...or so I thought! What I didn't count on was that I really didn't have control of anything as long as someone else had control of my ability to earn. Namely, the real estate market and the government's ability to level...and I mean "flatten" the ability of millions to make a living by the swipe of the pen.

I made a commitment to myself from that moment on that no single individual or entity would ever have that kind of control over my financial future like that again. I also had to find a way to level the playing field so that I could recover in the least amount of time possible.

In this post, I’d like to highlight on my thoughts and lessons learned from my experience with a few short-term tactics. The tactics, strategy and techniques that made me whole again. Tactics you can use as techniques to help you build an online business and grow your social presence.

To put it all in perspective...I lived at a garbage dump for several years as a young man. Yes, you read right. A GARBAGE DUMP! That said, there was no place to go but up. Right? I always sought after riches because that seemed to me to be the vehicle that would propel me from the dump to the real world where I would be accepted as "someone".

Along the way from poor and uneducated to reaching my first million dollars, I had a mentor that always focused my attention on the BIG PICTURE. It seemed far away most of the time as my earning were incremental and small compared to the wealth I so hungrily sought after. But it wasn't the jobs I was doing but the people I encountered along the way!

The lesson here is: Relationship-Building

Any man or woman that relies on themselves for education, guidance, support, training and coaching is missing a key ingredient in their success...other people who know more and are willing to share their expertise!

My first real found success involved a real estate expert who was willing to mentor me. For a price of course. But he did so willingly and his guidance was the key factor in my becoming a real estate investor and making more than $1-Million dollars in real estate! Can I get an ........"OH YEAH!"?

The one thing I know and recognize is that I am not all experienced as opposed of multi-talented person I think I am and need a coach, mentor and supporter of someone who knows more than I. A critical lesson. Even though I firmly believe that there is nothing I cannot do, really. I believe that with my whole heart. However, I also firmly believe that I can do anything, if taught, mentored, coached and guided to the absolute success that experience delivers, even if it isn't my experience.

So, that said, "Go forth and multiply your success." Find a mentor, coach or guide who knows more, has been there and has done that and then SUCK EVERY MORSEL OF KNOWLEDGE FROM THEIR BRAIN. it for yourself!


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