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How to demand success from your experience,
education and service. 

About 12 years ago, I took a few huge steps to ensure my future success after learning that life delivers nothing that is expected but much that is challenging. Between 2005 and 2017 I experienced three major tragedies (each led to three major strategies to recover and overcome them.), and three major successes in my life. Financial, (I had one form of income), emotional and physical challenges and successes at the same time. There might have been room to whine and complain but instead, I used that space to improve who I was, what I was perceived to be and how I would use what I knew and experienced to serve others instead of myself.

The first was the loss of my wife to Cancer, (emotional). The second was my business and income, (financial) and the third was Crohn's disease, (physical). Each contributed to many challenges individually and collectively. The totality of the three challenges was enough to fell the tallest tree let alone the strongest man. It suddenly became clear to me how a man or woman might find comfort in giving up, tossing it in or taking their leave from the world. Fortunately, I NEVER accept defeat, I NEVER give up and I NEVER quit!

That would have been the easiest way out from embarrassment and shame that comes with visible failure. I was a widow, bankrupt, homeless, discredited and unemployed at 50 years old. Yuck.

What to do? Well, I was told once by a friend to do something...even if it is wrong! ...And that I did. I started an Internet-based consulting company,, I went back to school (a university student at 52!), and I got remarried. In less than two years. Needless to say, each has given me more than I can share here. Each, individually, has given me the opportunity to share. Share my success financially, emotionally and physically.

I now have a doctorate in Education / Organizational Leadership, I've written four books on leadership and success, and I have three gorgeous and smart children and a loving new wife. Huge accomplishments for me coming from way behind the curve.

Multiple Streams Mastery
Multiple Streams Mastery

I also have a new business. ZennHero Online Success Consulting and Multiple Streams Mastery, (multiple streams of income). I deliver success from my podcast weekly, The Success Matters Podcast. You should listen in sometime. It is free. From the ashes of business failures came a personal opportunity to serve my clients from my experiences and education. I now teach eager students (yes, you still can be a student at 22 or 92), how to build and manage passive-income online businesses and 21st Century personal development.

Today, I am better prepared for anything I am challenged with. Today I am preparing other people for new things to improve their lives as well. The processes are simple, the blueprint is intuitive and the success is possible no matter where you are in life or business. Premium Experience...Premium Education...Premium Service

Today, I change people's lives. If you want to learn more, send me a note today and we can talk about what you want to do with your new life tomorrow.

Sincerely Successful,

Dr. Mark Zup0