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Press Release 23 - 2015

Social Media Expert, Author and Success Coach , Mark Zupo,
Offers Interview Opportunities to Increase Entrepreneurs’ Visibility

Mark Zupo Quoted on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and Fox


Mark Zupo

December 3, 2015 -
Nationally recognized author, speaker and online start-up coach Mark Zupo is interviewing business owners and entrepreneurs in order to help them grow their exposure and pose themselves as experts in their field. Mark has recently been recognized by major media outlets as a social media mobile marketing and networking expert.

The hottest 2015-2016 Social Media Expert, Author and Success Coach ,Mark Zupo, Offers Interview Opportunities to Increase Entrepreneurs’ Visibility through social media engineering to maximize people's online potential when starting a digital business.

“Yesterday, our social training started when we were told to stay "in line" but separated from anyone else,” Zupo says. “Today our social media training starts with us online and building relationships with everyone else."

Zupo was quoted by major networks CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS sharing his expertise about how entrepreneurs can become nationally recognized as the go-to expert in their field. Now he is offering those entrepreneurs a chance to work with him directly so they become the most trusted resource in their industries. Zupo has founded three successful programs: the 7Level Success Academy™, Create Your Destiny on Demand™, and Profit from Your Passions™.

He uses his 30 years of entrepreneurial experience to mentor other entrepreneurs on developing successful strategies to capitalize on their passions. When entrepreneurs and business owners work with Zupo, they learn how to develop effective and enduring strategies for personal growth and achievement. This helps them build meaningful relationships that fulfill them, help them network and take them to the next level so they can achieve all of their goals, financial or otherwise. Mark's proven strategies are appropriate for any type of business owner, from a small online startup to the CEO of a large corporation.

About Mark Zupo

Mark Zupo is a motivational speaker, author and business coach who offers free and paid training programs and exclusive memberships as well as individual coaching and seminars for entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level of success. Instead of posing himself as a guru and promising a magical formula for wealth, Zupo focuses on providing results-oriented mentorship based on his experience as an expert in online business. Find out more about how you can make your mark as an expert in your industry at

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