7-Steps Successful People Do Daily

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Successful entrepreneurs rarely think about their personal attractiveness or physical shape. However they recognize that certain traits help their critical thinking skills. They cherish their free time and extracurricular activities because it releases their spent up energy and creativity. Their free time has a huge impact on creativity and ultimate success.

Here are the seven ways they spend valuable free time.

1. Successful People Exercise. Physical exercise translates to mental exercise. Physical exercise is important for both physical and mental health. You'll also look better and feel better, which gives you greater confidence. A little physical stress is sometimes good. But, too much can be bad so exercise helps avert the build-up of stressors that contribute to the lack of creativity, patience and will to charge forward.

2. Successful People Read. Reading is a foundational opportunity to learn and broaden your greater understanding of the world and history, your comprehension and perceptions of the world. Reading supplies many examples of other's successes and failures so as to guide you in yours or avoid theirs so as not to be yours! It also can provide motivation, enhance critical thinking skills, enhance your vocabulary, give rise to thought leadership, new concepts and more. It may also be used as an escape.

3. Successful People Continue to Learn. The best teachers come from the best students. Successful people focus on the productivity and not just being busy. Busy doesn't usually convey productivity. In fact, just the opposite. A successful person never stops learning, if even from their mistakes! Learning doesn't stop after the degree. You really begin to learn when you enter the real world of entrepreneurship or business by applying what you have learned. New skills, new ideas, new thoughts, new opportunities and new perceptions are the byproduct of continued learning.

4. Successful People Mentor Others. Successful people set S.M.A.R.T. goals. S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. After all, without goals a plan is unattainable. Where are you going? How will you get there? Who will help you? What will you accomplish and how will you measure your success? Then, who will you teach to do the same?

5. Successful People Network. Networking builds a strong ability to relate and empathies with people around you. It grounds one in your personal position or station in life. There are a multitude of opportunities to network. At the grocery store, Laundry, Post Office, industry meetings, social events and scheduled networking events. This gives one the ability to step outside of your own sphere of influence to meet people and follow a natural injection of friends and acquaintances. Networking delivers opportunity!

6. Successful People Play. Most executives will clearly attest that it "is lonely at the top." That's because they expend a great deal of energy to get there. Usually at the expense of time to play. A critical mistake. Distractions are essential to your psyche. Funneling all you mental effort in work becomes dangerous and eventually alienates one from others who provide, care, solace, understanding, companionship and more.

7. Successful People Interact With Friends and Family. The first rule of order is to maintain a healthy relationship with friends and loved ones. Your job isn't everything! In fact, your job is the smaller part of success...believe it or not. It behooves one to live to work instead of working to live. The same justification stands for earning a living. One should not put money as the ultimate goal of work but rather put work as the vehicle for earning a living that compliments your intended lifestyle. Neglecting those around you who support and defend you is simply wrong.
Some, or all of these strategies are not cast in stone. They are flexible and require attention to improve your life and the lives of those around you. What good is your success if you can't share it?

To Your Success!

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